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Where Can I find Calçots in the Bay Area?

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Calçotada, one of the most renowned Catalan traditions is actually a gastronomic phenomenon in the region surrounding Barcelona. No calçotada is complete without the typical sweet char-grilled spring onions known as ‘calçots,’ and mountains of grilled meat and sausages. From January until April, the region surrounding Barcelona hosts this winter food festival.

Finding authentic calçots in the United States is not easy and for this reason many times the Catalans who live far from home settle with green onions, not exactly the same thing, but at least good enough to celebrate and enjoy this annual culinary tradition with family and friends.

However, there a few growers in the United States that produce authentic calçots, mostly because they supply to restaurants who serve this typical Catalan delight as part of their menus. Over the years, some of these growers have realized that beyond supplying to local restaurants they could also sell calçots, and very successfully, in the local farmers markets. They found demand and opportunity selling to Catalans that live in the United States and to Americans that have experienced calçots when they have visited Catalonia and have also fallen in love with this winter culinary tradition.

Allstar Organics, a vendor on Sundays at the Farmers Market of San Francisco - Ferry Building is the perfect example of this story; a small Sonoma County grower who started producing calçots for local restaurants in the Bay Area but eventually started to sell to consumers as well.

If you want to order calçots from Allstar Organics, run by Marty Jacobson and Janet Brown, call them in advance and make your order by phone. Visit their website to learn more about their operation and products. You will not be disappointed. And please, tell us when we should be coming for your calçotada, we'll bring the romesco sauce with us!

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