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Bringing Catalonia Closer to the Bay Area and California for 30 years

Casal* Bay Area & Nord de Califòrnia

Founded in 1991 and comprised of Catalans, Catalan-Americans and friends of Catalonia, this dynamic and vibrant organization enhances the community of the greater San Francisco Bay Area by facilitating Catalan and Catalan-American cultural, social, networking exchange and events. 


Our key objectives are: 

1. Promote the Catalan culture, including, but not limited to, the Catalan language, literature, cuisine, art and music. 

2. Introduce and teach Catalan and the Catalan culture to children 

3. Bring together the people of Catalan heritage and/or people with interest in Catalan culture

4. Support the adaptation of newcomers from Catalonia 

5. Strengthen and improve the overall socio-cultural relations between The United States and Catalonia

*Casal (definition): Popular entity related to the Catalan Countries, for cultural, recreational, political or religious purposes. Serves as gathering organization of Catalans who live abroad. More information

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